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Tag: FIFA Third-party ownership in the football industry

Third-party ownership (TPO) of football players (Chadwick & Hamil, 2009; Reck & Geey, 2011; Robatinho, 2014) is an emerging phenomenon in the international football industry (Baroncelli, 2004; Dobson, Goddard, 2001; Kesenne, 2007); it is recognised in different ways depending on the perspective adopted by the parties involved in its utilisation. First of all, TPO in the football industry can be observed as a financial instrument through which third parties – such as investment funds, public agents or private investors – acquire a share of a footballer’s rights. This instrument helps clubs in the acquisition of young footballers and guarantees economic earnings to third parties. In other words, TPO of footballers (Capasso and Rossi, 2013) is a useful instrument to reduce the financial requirements of football clubs in the acquisition of professional football players’ rights, though there is no common regulation among countries and federations at the international level. Thus, TPO

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Tag: FIFA FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil: Football and Fan Parks

The growth in sports mega events has seen spectacles such as the Olympics Games and the World Cup adopt increasing global significance. Reflecting the widespread manipulation of meanings, these quadrennial competitions are subject to varying receptions, interpretations and analysis. Popular and media responses have both reflected and shaped the increasing consumption of sporting hyper-experiences. Such accounts are typically less concerned with the snobbery that has curtailed scholarly analysis, with academic researchers often encouraged instead to focus their inquiries on matters ‘more serious’ than sport. Thankfully there has been some considerable resistance, with many academics willing to investigate that which matters to significant portions of populations. As most inhabitants of planet earth will be acutely aware – particularly during the ongoing World Cup – sport really matters to people. Scholars seeking to frame and expand our understanding of sporting festivals have focused their lens through various intersecting academic disciplines, including economics,

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Tag: FIFA Are England in the most difficult group at the 2014 World Cup?

Since the final draw for the 2014 World Cup on 6 December, there has been discussion of which group is the toughest, the so-called group of death or, in German, the Todesgruppe. Of the eight groups, Groups B, D and G – with Spain, England and Germany, respectively – seem to be the main candidates. According to some of the German media, Germany’s group is the Todesgruppe, while for the English press, England are in the group of death. One reason why England may be in the most difficult group is because it was a victim of the pre-draw in which one of the nine European countries in Pot 4 had to be moved to Pot 2, which initially only contained seven countries. In advance, many feared a horror scenario in which the European country transferred from Pot 4 to Pot 2 was a strong team and was combined with a

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