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Tag: Premier League End of season football manager statistics for 2013-14

The 2013-14 English football season has been somewhat different in its pattern of dismissals and resignations to previous seasons. We have had 37 dismissals of football managers in the 2013-14 compared with 43 last season. The number of resignations of football managers is also lower, with only 6 resignations compared with 20 for the comparable period last season.  In addition over 125 coaches lost their jobs in the professional football leagues in the 2013-14 season. The mix of dismissals by league looks noticeably different to that seen in recent seasons. Figure 1 shows the pattern of football dismissals by league in the past six seasons. In most of these, dismissals have been highest in Leagues 1 and 2, reaching as high as 14 for League 1 dismissals in 2008-09, 12 in 2010-11, and 11 for League 2 in three of the last four seasons. Dismissals in the Championship were also

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